With Love

Counts: 32
Wall: 2
Level: High Intermediate
Music: Ran Zhe Ai – San Tan Yin Yue Chorus
Choreo: Qian BAO / Diana Liang – February 2020

** (A tribute to all the medical workers fighting Chinese New Coronavirus Pneumonia on the front line )

Intro: 32

S1: Cross, Hitch/ Extend, Ball, Ball, 1/2RT, Flick, Forward, ½ LT x 2, Forward, Run Forward
&1Lf cross on &, 1/8 RT Rf hitch on 1, 1:30H
2&3Rf extend on 2, Rf ball on &, Lf small forward on 3
4&5½ RT weight to Rf on 4, Lf flick back on &, Lf forward on 5, 7:30H
6&7½ LT Rf back on 6, ½ LT Lf forward on &, Rf forward on 7, 7:30H
8&1Lf small forward on 8, Rf small forward on &, Lf small forward on 1

S2: Run Backward, Hold, ½ LT, 1/8LT Lunge, Weigh Change, ½ LT x 2, Run Forward
2&3Rf back on 2, Lf back on &, Rf back on 3
4Hold 4
Restart Here on W5
a5½ LT Lf small forward on &, 3/8 LT Rf side Lunge on 5, 9H
6¼ LT Weigh transfer from Rf to Lf, 6H
7&½ LT Rf back on 7, ½ LT Lf forward on &, 6H
8&1/8 LT Rf forward on 8, Lf forward on &, 4:30H

S3: Rock Forward, ½ RT, Forward, ½ LT x 2, Forward Rock, 1/8 RT Side, Cross Rock, Side
1Rf forward on 1,
2&3¼ RT Lf recover on &, ¼ RT Rf forward, 10:30H, Lf forward on 3
4&5½ LT Rf back on 4, ½ LT Lf forward on &, 10:30H, Rf forward on 5
6&7Lf recover on 6, 1/8 RT Rf side on &, 12H, Lf cross 1/8 RT on 7, 1:30H
8&Rf recover on 8, 1/8 LT Lf side on & , 12H

S4: Half Diamond, NC Basic RL
1Rf side on 1
2&31/8 LT Lf back on 2, Rf back on &, 10:30H, 1/8 LT Lf side on 3
4&51/8 LT Rf forward on 4, Lf forward on &, 7:30 H, 1/8 LT Rf side on 5
6&7Lf behind on 6, Rf small cross on &, 6H, Lf side on 7
8&Rf behind on 8, Lf small cross on &

Note: the last & count in S4 is the first move of S1 when connecting the next rotation; however, it is the last count in S4 when following by Tag at the end of W1

Tag: Sway x 3, at the end of W1
1,2Rf side and sway to Right over 2 counts
3,4Sway to Left on 3, Sway to Right on 4

Ending: Happens at W9 starting facing 6H, only 12 count; instead of holding the count 4 in S2, Lf go side and pose to finish facing 12H

Thanks and happy dancing!

Contact: 13868078298@139.com for Mr. Bao/ procankm@hotmail.com for Diana