I'm Sorry

Counts: 40
Wall: 2
Level: Intermediate
Music: Sorry by Buckcherry
Choreo: Kelly Cavallaro (Florida, USA) (August 2019)

Count In: 8 count Intro
Restarts: Walls 4 & 5

[1 – 8] Slide, Behind Side Turn, Sweep, Cross Behind Turn, Walk x2,Press, Walk x2
1, 2 &Step R to R, step L behind R, step R making 1/4 turn to R
3, 4&5Step forward on L while sweeping R forward, cross R over L, step back on L, step R making 1/4 turn to R
6&7,8&Walk L,R at diagonal, press forward on L, walk back R,L
[9 – 16] Sweep x2, Behind Side Cross, 1 1/4 turn with sweep out, Cross Back Side, Sways
1,2Step back on R sweeping L back , step back L sweeping R back
3&4,5Cross R behind L, step L to L, cross R in front of L, spiral 1 1/4 turn to L sweeping R forward
6&7,8&Cross R over L, step back L, step back R making 1/4 turn to R, sway L,R
[17 -24] Lunge with 1/4 , Walk back with hitch, Coaster, 2 drags, Rock Recover with 1/2 turn
1,2&3Lunge to L making 1/4 turn, walk back R,L,R hitching L up on 3
4&5,6Coaster step L,R, L dragging R toe forward on 5, step forward R dragging L forward
7&8Rock L forward, recover on R, step L back while making 3/4 turn to R

[25 – 32] Step, Sway x2 , Basic, Diamond Fallaway
1,2&3Step out on R, sway L, R, step L to L side
4&5Rock R behind L, recover L, step R to R
6&7,8&Walk back diagonal L,R, step L to side squaring up to side wall, step R,L going forward diagonal
[33-40] Diamond Fallaway cont., Behind Side Cross, 1/2 turn Pivot, 3/4 turn
1,2&3Step out R, step back L,R, step out L,
4&5Step R, cross L behind R, step R making 1/4 turn to R,
6&7Step L forward, make 1/2 turn stepping on R, step forward on L
8&Make full turn (ready to step out to R to restart dance)

Restart 1: Wall 4 after 32 counts
Restart 2: Wall 5 after 22 counts

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