One Man Band

Counts: 28
Wall: 4
Level: Intermediate
Music: One Man Band by Old Dominion
Choreo: Wendy McLean (November 2019)

Mambo Step, Coaster Step, Shuffle 5/8 Turn, Mambo Step
1&2Rock forward on right, Recover on left, Step back on right
3&4Step back on left, Step right together, Step forward on left
5&6Step forward on right, Step ½ on left, Step 1/8 onto right (4:30)
7&8Rock forward on left, Recover on right, Step back on left

Shuffle Back, Shuffle Half, Cross Rock, Side 3/8, Sway, Touch
1&2Shuffle back (RLR),
3&4Shuffle ½ left (LRL) (10:30)
5&6Cross rock right over left, Recover on left, Step right 3/8 right (3:00)
7 8Sway/Step left side, Touch right

¼, ½, Shuffle ¼, Cross Mambo, Cross Mambo
1 2Step ¼ right on right, Step ½ right on left (12:00)
3&4Shuffle ¼ right (RLR) (3:00)
5&6Rock left over right, Recover on right, Step left together
7&8Rock right over left, Recover on left, Step right together

Step ½ Step, ½ , ½, Touch
1&2Step forward on left, Step ½ right on right, Step forward on left (9:00)
3&4Turn ½ left and step back on right, Turn ½ left and step on left, Touch right beside left (3:00)

** Restart after 16 counts on walls 3, 6 & 7 **