Counts: 32
Wall: 2
Level: Intermediate
Music: Choir by Guy Sebastian - iTunes
Choreo: Hiroko Carlsson (Grafton, Australia) July 2019

(Intro: 16 counts)

[S1] Prissy Walk, Cross-Back-Side, Cross-Side Rock-Cross, Side with Drag Touch
1 2Prissy Walk - Step forward on R, Step forward on L
3&4Cross R over L, Step back on L, Step R to right
5&6&Cross R over L, Rock/step R to right, Recover weight on L, Cross L over R
7 8Step L to left, Drag R close to L and touch beside (12:00)

[S2] Side Rock-&, Monterey 1/4L, Cross Shuffle, Hinge Turn 1/2R
1 2&Rock/step R to right, Recover weight on L, Step R together
3&4Touch/point L to left, Monterey ¼ turn left stepping L together, Touch/point R to right (weight on L) (9:00)
5&6Cross R over L, Step L close to R, Cross R over L
7 8Make ¼ turn right stepping back on L, Make a ¼ turn right stepping R to right (3:00)

[S3] Fwd-Touch-Back, Back-Lock-Back, Touch-Unwind 1/2R, Push Back-1/2L-Fwd
1&2Step forward on L, Touch R next to L, Step back on L
3&4Step back on R, Lock/across L over R, Step back on R
5 6Touch R toe back, Unwind ½ right weight on L (9:00)
7&8Step back on R, Make a ½ turn left stepping forward on L, Step forward on R (3:00)

[S4] Paddle Turn-Cross, Rumba Box, Rock Back-Recover
1&2Step forward on L, Make a ¼ turn right recover weight on R, Cross L over R (6:00)
3&4Step R to right, Step L next to R, Step forward on R
5&6Step L to left, Step R next to L, Step back on L
7 8Rock/step back on R, Recover weight on L (6:00)

Ending: Pivot ½ turn left to the front

Repeat: No tags or restarts

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(updated: 15/Jul/19)

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